Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy Mojito recipe

Among all the fancy and extravagant cocktails out there, Mojito occupies a special place with its simplicity and delectable taste.

Many men might tell you that cocktails are beneath their dignity, but Mojito is one drink which even men don’t hesitate to order.

It is popularly considered to be of Cuban origin, even though its name is said to be derived from the African word, “Mojo” which means “to place a spell”. The Cubans however like to stake claim to the origin. History has it that Cuba was where the drink was first prepared by slaves working in sugarcane fields as early as the 1800's.

The Cuban Mojito recipe was prepared with spearmint but the later versions use normal mint leaves. 

Below is a simple recipe you can shake up at home to be enjoyed in the hot summer sun.

      What you need for one glass of Mojito, are 2 oz light rum, lime juice (1-2 oz, depending on penchant), 2 tbsp of sugar syrup,, 4-5 fresh mint leaves, club soda, a slice of lime and a sprig of mint leaf for garnishing.

      Gently muddle the mint in a cocktail shaker with a splash of soda. 

Don’t crush the leaves completely; it should be muddled very lightly. You’ll smell the fresh mint smell once the leaves are muddled.

      Pour the lime juice into the shaker and mix with the rum. Next, add some ice and shake the drink till it’s mixed well.

      Mojitos are generally drunk in a highball glass. Crush some ice and put it in the putting the sliced lime on the edge and the sprig of lime into it.

You are ready to head out to the beach with your drink and a nice book, or you
can just enjoy it in your porch and beat the glaring sun.

The lime can be replaced with a variety of flavors like apple, orange, strawberry and many other variants. However, the classic mojito with lime and crushed mint is the most sought after version.