Monday, December 29, 2014

How to cook pot roast

Pot roast has its originality claimed by the Americans and many believe it to be a Southern dish and the rest claim it to be of Northern origin. It is said to have been first prepared during the 1880-85's. But originality aside, it is allegedly claimed that the aroma of this delectable Grandma’s recipe has the power to make even the dead rise from their slumber. 

Once tasted, a person cannot forget the taste of the succulent meat or the flavor of the spices and the gravy. 

The traditional way of making pot roast might however die a slow death over a period because of the hectic lifestyle of the new age. The current generation seems to have lost the time and patience to appreciate slow cooking, but this is one recipe which will be a big loss to all, if it is lost.
Traditionally, pot roast is a brisket of meat (originally beef was used), slow cooked over a covered pot and served with its own gravy. But over the ages there have been many variations due to the difficulty in getting the meat and also because of the time factor. 
Some also prefer the oven or pressure cooker over the crock-pot or stove-pot used for slow cooking. The below recipe is a modification of several old recipes of pot roasts and uses the old slow cooking method.

Monday, December 22, 2014

How to make your own ground beef

Making your own home-made ground beef is a much better alternative than purchasing commercially packaged ones, both in terms of freshness as well as taste. Packaged ground beef would have most likely used discarded portions of meat and more fat in addition to having more risks of contamination. You also tend to spend more in buying ground beef commercially than making your own. When you ground the beef at home, you have the liberty of choosing the best meat without having the fear of being given unhygienic meat in the stores. The taste will also be far better than using packaged ground beef.

Contrary to how some might feel, making ground beef at home is not too much of a bother and you are most likely to have all the ingredients and equipment you require, right inside your kitchen.

Read on to find out how to grind beef without much hassle, including instructions on storage. Once you are done, you can dish up some nice yummy burgers or simply make a few meat balls in a jiffy.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Making a Pina Colada

Pina colada is a delightful cocktail which has the ability to transform your sunny terrace into a tropical paradise with just one sip. This coconut based drink is a marvel during the sweltering summer heat and a favorite at the beaches and outdoor summer parties. 

It has proudly occupied the position of the official drink of Puerto Rico since the 1978 and is simple enough to be made at home. So now you can sip and enjoy this delightful tropical cocktail sitting at your apartment and imagine yourself luxuriating in the beach.

Pina coladas are rum based cocktails prepared with coconut cream and blended pineapple extracts and ice. There are also various other flavors like strawberry, blue curacao etc. which can be added to the mix, depending on taste and preference. Malibu rum is also a popular replacement of the regular variety of rum. Pina colada without the rum is known as virgin colada which is popular in its own right, especially with the teetotalers.