Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quick Strawberry Jam recipe

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Jams and jellies, once a kingly delicacy, enjoyed and afforded only by the richer class of society has now become part of almost all the cupboard shelves of kitchens across the world. The word jam brings images of warm scones and crisp toasts neatly spread with a generous serving of fresh, aromatic jam which not only puts color to them but also gives it a delightful taste. May it be a hurried breakfast or a lazily enjoyed evening tea; these fruity, fragrant preserves are a delight to the taste buds. 

Although the advent of numerous products and brands in the market has made the making of home-made jam a rare feat, still there are many a households who still swear by their secretly hoarded recipes and will never buy one from the store.
Strawberry jams are one of the most popular and loved variants of jams and freshly picked strawberries can turn your jam into a sensuous delight. Try out this easy recipe right in your own kitchen and see the difference from your store bought, expensive jam.

Difficulty level: Easy


The ingredients needed to make the jam are about 4 cups of fresh strawberries, (the fresher the better and the color should be bright red), 1 cup of sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice. You can use 250 ml glass jars and sterilize them in hot water and keep them ho till they are ready to be used.

  • Neatly wash and hull the strawberries, place these into a metal pan and mash them till the required consistency. Some prefer, neatly mashed while others like to have chunks of strawberry in their jams.

  • Take a heavy bottomed pan and mix the mashed berries, sugar and lemon juice and stir in low heat till the sugar is dissolved.

  • Once the sugar is dissolved bring the stove to high and boil, all the while skimming the foam away. Make sure to stir continuously and after testing the consistency (place a spoon of the jam in a cold plate and if it is not running than the jam is ready), place the jam into the sterilized bottles and seal neatly.


Lemon juice should be strained in case you are using fresh lemons.

After filling and sealing they can be put in warm water again and then processed in a water bath for preservation.  


  1. This sounds so simple and delicious. My grandma used to make jam like a fiend. My mom tells me stories about all the bell jars and the seals ;).

    1. Thank you for sharing that :) Please let me know when you try this out!

  2. Hi Bhaswati! Making jams and pickles is a time taking process and needs a lot of patience. But the out come in the above photo is making me plunge in to make one. Thanks for sharing the info :)

  3. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I hope you'll take out the time to try this recipe :)