Friday, November 7, 2014

Cosmopolitan cocktail recipe in a jiffy!

This cocktail drink has gained its popularity through the various chick flicks and popular TV serials where the ladies get together for a good dosage of gossip over glasses of Cosmopolitan. Carrie Bradshaw from the popular TV series, “Sex and the City” was one such character who made this drink a hot favorite among ladies.

There are varied claims to the originality of Cosmopolitan, but the internationally known version was first created in the 1980's by Toby Cecchini in Manhattan. 

Although any type of vodka can be used, according to the International Bartenders Association, original recipe of this drink is based on lemon flavored vodka or vodka citron. The drink is served in a cocktail or martini glass and is a popular drink in many cities of the United States. This ladies’ favorite is a fruity refreshing drink which quenches the thirst as well as giving a chic look to the one holding this drink. Therefore, Cosmo is the preferred drink over other beverages during cocktail parties.

      For the preparation of Cosmopolitan, you will need vodka (2 oz), cranberry juice (1 oz), lime juice (1 oz), lemon twist (for garnish), triple sec, sugar (granulated) and ice.
      Before preparation, you can wet the cocktail glass with cranberry juice and rub it in granulated sugar. This will enhance the taste of the drink, even though most of the bars do not follow this method anymore.
      Take a cocktail shaker, put ice, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime juice in it. Add the vodka and shake well till the drink is mixed completely. Usually it is shaken twice.
      To get rid of any residue use a cocktail strainer to strain the drink and pour it into the cranberry and sugar rimmed martini glass and garnish with a wedge of lemon before serving.

Cosmopolitan is fairly easy to prepare and is a favorite during kitty parties or any other women hangouts. It also tastes fruity which suits most women’s palates, but it does not sit well with people who don’t prefer the taste of cranberry or don’t like the fruity flavor.  

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